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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Benefit of Benefits

So I have been thinking about my life/work path for quite a time, now. I recently realized that I have been making myself completely miserable for not much reason. Though I do think it is vital to have a retirement and health insurance, I have been so focused on the fact that I don't have that with my current job, that I haven't been looking at the positives of what I do. Now, my hubby has great health insurance for our family, so that's not a problem. But we have already agreed that while the kids are still at home, what I do offers us the most benefit possible...making great money with very little time at work. Beyond that, I am really quite good at what I do, and it makes me feel good to help women look and feel their best. Fashion and glamour are my passions, so I've decided to give it my all for now, and see where it takes me! There are things I can do with it from this point: brand education, teaching, owning my own salon...mostly, I just have to really want to stay doing it. Retirement can be done (although probably not as efficiently) on my own, and other things, like disability insurance, can be purchased individually, as well. So, here's to paying attention to the benefits of my chosen career, for now, instead of focusing on the possible benefits I may or may not have today. Being home with my babies is the key benefit of my job now.