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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Home Cooking

Hi! Now that we are (a bit more) settled into our new home, and my littles are transitioned into the school year, I have been trying to rescue my homemaking skills!  I have more kid-free home time, which is surprisingly full of busyness, so I am trying to cook and bake more food from (semi-)scratch.  I still use some convenience foods, but I'm really trying to keep things a bit more whole...

Like applesauce. Like, the best applesauce I've ever eaten!
Mmmmmmmmmm, just a hint of cinnamon!

Or chicken pot pies! Before.....

And after.....holy moly, sooooo good!

I love being a wife and mama, and I'm so grateful for the chance to take the best care of them I can!  Can't wait to see what other kind of trouble, um, fun, I can get into in my kitchen!