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Monday, January 6, 2014

Meal-Plan Shopping

Hello!  My hubs and I decided to start eating a bit differently...not for a New Year's resolution, because heaven knows that would never last!...before Christmas we made a few changes.  Now we try to eat mostly fruits, veggies, meats, some dairy...basically grain and white potato-free during the week, with those allowed on the weekends.  

Don't get all uppity about right, wrong, type of diet, being a cheater, etc., haha!  We're not trying to follow a "specific" diet plan, just trying to pay closer attention to what we put into our faces!  And I know definitively that if we say something is not allowed, we will be miserable and gluttonous in turn!

So that's the back story for this post.  We are also trying to pay closer attention to the amount of food and money we waste, not to mention save myself from utter frustration at the daily question "what's for dinner?"  I have always wanted to plan weekly meals and then shop for them once, but we've just always been too lazy and noncommittal.  But those days are over!  Woot!

Some of this week's meals include pan-seared tilapia with lemon and capers and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, slow cooker chili, and taco salad.  If something sounds like a no-go as we get into the week, I can swap something out for some marinated, thin-cut pork chops I have frozen.  I am totally psyched!

Oh. And my shopping list? Organized by section at the supermarket! Finally, all those organizational blogs I read obsessively are sinking in!

Cheers to eating well this week!

Ps. How do you plan your family's shopping and meals?  Share your brilliance in the comments!  Xoxo