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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Devil's Lunch!

Remember when you were little, you went to your Grammie's house and she fed you either Spaghetti O's or that little can of "potted meat" goodness, aka Deviled Ham, on saltines for lunch? Yeah, that little paper-wrapped can caught my eye today while at the grocery store, but I resisted. Because, well, it really was on the gross side once I thought back to those lunches.

But it did make me crave a little ham salad instead of chicken or tuna or egg for today! So I knifed some leftover deli ham to smithereens and added a good dose of Hellmann's and mustard and topped a cracker. Meh. So I put the rest onto a piece of toast. I ate it, but I probably won't ever again.

Nostalgia can make creative lunches the Devil's playground. I'm sticking to PB&J the next time I romanticize lunches from my early-80's childhood!

Hope you're having a fabulous day! Any nostalgic food memories you'd like to share? Comment!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Balancing Act

It's summer vacation time, which basically means I'm doing more but getting less done! Haha! With both kids home, fighting betwixt themselves constantly, every chore seems to take ten times the energy to accomplish! Which translates to an extremely messy house and a grumpy mama!

Yes, this is one of those mornings when I already feel the epic fail of my day and it's just past seven! Hubby realized at six he had no clean work shirts, I have been to the supermarket twice this week and still had to feed the cat treats for breakfast and I really wish I would've just washed the spaghetti sauce out of the pot last night. Ugh.

Where is my silver lining, I ask myself? Well, it is only a bit past seven, and I get to see my (mostly) smiling babies all day long, we get to meet my girlfriend for a breakfast date and then take her to see the progress on our new home! Then I can come back to this current reality and do some packing in between loads of laundry! And dishes. And all those other things that always have to get done. While the kids are whining that "he keeps putting his feet on my blankie/face/ear..."

So, I'm going to take a deep breath and write down cat food and peanut butter on my shopping list! And I'm going to kiss my littles before they start grumping at me! It is a balancing act, this whole mom thing! But I love it!

Have a great summer day! Only 60-some left to go!