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Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby is a Baller!

My little Darby-girl just started playing basketball this weekend! At six-years-old, I thought, "Is there any point in having her do this?"

Yes! She's not going to be leading a fast break any time soon, but watching her run and kick (little trouble dribbling!) the ball down the court with that huge smile on her face was worth every moment of being up and dressed on Sleep-in-Saturday!

I didn't have the opportunity to play team sports as a little, not that it would've helped my high school self's uncoordinated limbs play more court than bench, but I think it would have helped me socially for sure. Not to mention being excited about active and fit while having fun!

As it is, our tiny town doesn't have much in the way of extra-curricular activities, so I want to offer everything I can to my kiddos, let them soak in all their options and have the experience to make qualified decisions! (Wow, long, complicated sentence...I like grammatically experimenting! Haha!)

Well, we signed up both of the babes for T-Ball this spring. That should be a raucous good time! Stay tuned for the latest in K-2 half-court action! And may the most spirited win!

Signing off,

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I think my husband has the flu, and it's probably on its way through the rest of our family any moment now. I have been shooing the kids away from the hubster since Thursday, trying to prevent contamination, but I don't know how well it's worked...both kids have coughs and snottsies. Boo!

Speaking of husbands being sick for multiple days, wow, that's a lot of sanitizing and TLC'ing! Fluids, rest, pills, back rubs, oh my! Today he had a 103.8 degree fever. It's back down now, but I have never seen him with a fever like that in our thirteen years together. Ugh!

Meanwhile, I have been basically submerging us in yogurt, citrus, V8 and tea with loads of honey and cinnamon. And Clorox. Oh my, my throat feels scratchy...haha! Time for hydration!

Wishing you a healthy home!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Well Children

Today I took Darby to her 6-year Well Child visit. This was the first time I had to figure out how to get the appointment scheduled with thought to a school schedule, since now my girl is a kindergartener!

Gabe and I picked her up at school just a little before dismissal, and made the trip to our pediatrician's offic, thirty minutes away. I bribed them with donuts. I wasn't sure if Darby had to have any vaccines today, but I knew she was getting her flu shot, so I created a preemptive diversion with Dunkin!

My little girl grew three inches in the past year...she is getting sooo big! Everything else was great, although trying to help her pee in the cup was an adventure, to say the least! And there was the issue when Gabe  was kind of twirling around and biffed his lip into the front counter and started crying and bleeding all over the place, but, meh, at least we were in a medical facility!

Well, we're wrapping up the evening, ready for baths and good nights. But I wanted to quickly mention that we recently had an Amber alert in our area. The little girl was found alive, but not in a good state. Oh my goodness, please hug your kids and love them and keep them as safe as you can! And in those moments when motherhood isn't as easy or pleasant as it can be, just think about how amazingly lucky we are to be mommies to these babies.

Sending you all sweet dreams!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Survive the Stomach Bug

My house has been hit by the most massive stomach flu I have ever seen in my life. Ugh!

I have a few tips on how to make it through the yuck-bug with your little ones, and your sanity, intact!

*Bendy straws make it easier to stay hydrated when you're flat-out on the couch. Take it slowly, just sipping a little water every 15 minutes or so. Drink too much, too fast and your tummy will revolt. Ice chips work best, according to one of my doctor clients.

*Buckets and small trash cans with doubled grocery bags are especially handy in the middle of the night. But really, going without bags is sometimes easier, since you can dump the yucks into the toilet, rinse, repeat and flush.

*Keep a supply of GoGurt yogurt tubes stashed in the freezer. They are easy on raw throats and tummies and offer good-for-you probiotics in a fun form.

*Grab those waterproof mattress covers from when the kids were babies. They protect your mattress/couch from attacks. If you're left with a wet spot from cleaning up a mess, they keep you dry! I like to put a clean towel under it to help absorb any extra moisture, and either a clean towel or sheet on top so it's comfy.

*While too much juice can increase diarrhea, a couple 100% fruit juice boxes throughout the day are so refreshing, and help beat the monotony of plain water. Just sip a bit at a time!

*Baby wipes are helpful when you are in between baths. And the moist towelettes from Cottonelle gently clean tiny heinies and are flushable. Double win!

As for the cleanup? I followed people around with Clorox wipes (even scrubbed the floors in the bathrooms!), hosed every inch of the house down with disinfectant spray (Family Dollar is just as effective as name brands!), and once I could stay vertical myself, went around with my trusty Clorox Cleanup Spray!
Refreshing the furniture and air with an odor eliminator (like Febreze or this citrus one from Dollar General), helped with the sicky smell. I also like opening a window to let some fresh air circulate!

Being sick is never fun but these tips can make things a little easier if you are! Hope your house gets well soon!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolved: Finding Patience

Ok, so most of us make resolutions when we hit the new year, even if we say we don't. I don't really like to label them as such, so as not to successfully set myself up for failure! (Awkward sentence! Meh!)

As the mom of two young children, I definitely struggle with keeping an ample supply of patience on hand, though I am always fully stocked with love! So my resolution as a parent this year is to stay focused on parenting with love, kindness and yes, patience.

We really only get one chance at raising our children, but if we are lucky, we all get a fresh start each morning. I want to make the most of each day with my kids, and I don't want to be losing my cool when things don't go perfectly.

Do you have any parenting goals/resolutions for this new year? Share below!

Cheers to taking each year one day at a time!