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Friday, March 13, 2015

FoodFromPinterest:Vanilla Coconut Rice Pudding

Hello, beauties!  Welcome to my first post as Beautiful Life by Lindsay!!  You may have already been reading when this was called "Whatdoyousay?" or "What'smomsay?" so you'll know that this is my blog about living life as a mama...

As a professional hair stylist and makeup artist, I like things to look pretty.  As a real-life mama and wife, I know there are some not-so-pretty things that come along with life.  I like to explore and talk about pretty much all of it!  I guess this will be not just a mom blog, but a blog about all the cool, fun, horrifying, pretty and ugly things that make my everyday, normal life beautiful!!!

Thanks for reading!

I adore Pinterest!  You can follow me over there by clicking here!  So many you see those snarky cards that joke about pinning all those projects you'll never create, or recipes you can't cook, closets you'll never funny!!  But I've realized that several cool things I pin are making an actual debut in my real life!!  I try many of the recipe ideas, and I've actually been crocheting a scarf that I pinned on my DoItYourself board!!  It is so thrilling to follow through on something, even if it's just a bowl of rice pudding...TADA!!!!
So sweet and creamy!
This was such an easy recipe to make!  And it tastes delicious!!  Here is the original link for it:

I changed just a couple things.  First, I didn't have a vanilla bean, so I used vanilla flavored coconut milk. Second, I let it simmer for almost an hour to let the liquid absorb enough for my taste.  It thickens us as it cools, so don't cook it too long!  The final thing I did which wasn't mentioned in the original recipe was to skim the gunky skin from the top whenever it formed, then stirred.  I just don't like weird clumpy spots in the final dish and do this when I make regular pudding, too.

I definitely enjoyed sharing my success on this one!  Can't wait to try another recipe from my CookEatLove board on Pinterest!!