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Friday, March 8, 2013

Kindergarten Bound

You may remember my little folks are fairly close in age (15 1/2 months apart.) Yes we planned it, and yes we love it.

The only problem is I never really thought about how quickly they would both be leaving for school, college, life...and how empty my home/heart might feel. Yikes. And we just registered Gabe for Kindergarten.

I've only gotten teary a couple times, and just for moments. It has been a super-busy week and I just haven't had time to be heartbreakingly depressed yet. Haha. Seriously, the Fall is what I'm worried about. Ugh.

My fragility aside, Gabe could not be more stoked! He is talking about Kindergarten any chance he can...even his motorized toy dinosaur is in Kindergarten now, just like him! And he is a big kid. He can feed the dogs without my help now. Oy!

It is a boost to know my baby will be in school just one grade behind his big Sissy, and probably just across the hall from her, as well. I love our school and our teachers, and that my kids can be happy there all day. I know he's ready, so I will be, too.

Cheers to baby birds escaping the nest!