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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mental Space

I feel so good getting my fingers tap-tapping away again! I have taken some blogging time off for this past month for several reasons. First, I have been struggling with intense stomach problems (again) and have just not had any mental energy to write. Second, I have been trying to evaluate my life (again) and have been using up all of my mental space!!! Finally, I have been trying to figure out what I want my blog to really say. Originally, it was to be a portal for my mommy-centric (and family-related issues!) creative/funny non-fiction prose. I am also thinking of doing beauty information, since I am a professional hairstylist and makeup artist! I am pretty much obsessed with beauty, glamour, fashion and all around making people feel good about their looks/images. More than that, I love the history of beauty culture and all the fabulous/infuriating things that come along with being a different gender than men in this culture/society. I love researching trends (past and present collide more often than you would think) and sharing them with people who are interested in listening to me run my mouth!!!

"Whatdoyousay?" came about as my title because I am Mommy to Darby (nearly 4) and Gabriel (2 1/2.) I found, early on in my toddler-rearing days, that all sorts of situations required a "What do you say?" response, most notably in the manners arena. But also, as I love a good double-meaning catchphrase, I also liked that it abbreviated What do you have to say? I have always felt I have something to say, whether it is about current events, or emotional jargon, or in agreement to that evening's dinner. So, since this blog started as a "just do it!" after researching all of my options for 3 months, it just kind of ended up as "Whatdoyousay?" So there...

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