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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A MiraLax Moment

So at Gabe's 3 year Well Baby Checkup, Dr. C and I discussed constipation.  Poor Gabe has always had trouble with it and it has gotten more difficult to manage since he's become a big boy on the potty.  Dr. C told me to give him MiraLax and to experiment with the dosage so Gabe could go once a day, softly.  Now, as a mom with IBS, I am familiar with the product, and I think it is a miracle!  We started with half an adult dose (Dr. C said we may need a whole adult dose daily.).  Late in the afternoon of the third day, Gabe was playing in the kitchen.  He was nude, but I don't remember why...he doesn't often need a reason to be that way!...Gabe was trying to fart, he's such a boy!, then startled, cried, "I pooped!"  I ran over and asked, "What do you mean, you pooped?"  We both looked down and saw a huge plop of toddler poo right on the floor.  It was quite an alarming moment for both of us, one I'm sure neither of us will forget any time soon!  The lesson I took from this was to start with a much smaller dose of MiraLax for my little guy.  Because I want him to poop when he needs to, not when he's standing in the middle of the kitchen!!!

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