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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dollhouse and the Wet Spot...

This isn't your dream house, but it is hers!
So Darby had her tonsils and adenoids removed about a week and a half ago.  It was our first foray into the unknowns of anesthesia for one of our babies.  Yikes!  CJ and I were giant stress balls for weeks before surgery, and only once we had her snuggled on our couch at home did we start to relax a bit.  She recovered quickly and was such a good sport throughout the whole deal.

You probably realize how much I adore being a mama if you've ever read this blog before but for clarification purposes I will say this:  My life became whole once I started growing that first baby in my belly!  That being said, there are limitless lengths we travel as parents to make our children happy, relaxed, comfortable, and untouched by anxiety.  Things we do without effort, and some we do grudgingly because we know how important it is to those little angels.

Like playing dollhouse.  Again.  With the extreme bossy-pants version of my 5-year-old on baby Lortab.  Partly because I know sooner than later, she won't be asking her mama to play with her.  But mostly because it makes her feel so loved and important.  It may take a little more effort sometimes, like on the fourth day without REM-sleep/you can barely stand your body hurts so much from the body-contortions making sure she has enough room in bed...!  We do it because we love our children.

And the wet spot?  Accidents happen, even when you have a waterproof pee pad on the bed.  And making sure she gets back to sleep sometimes means you're the one sleeping on the towel-covered wet spot.  Again.  Because we love our children.  And it's 1:45am.

So think how easy it is to really engage your children.  Get down on the floor with the robots and dollhouse, tune out the other household crises, even if it's only for a little while.  Too soon those toys will turn into coma-inducing video games and Facebook screens, and they won't have any time for you.

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