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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life, Immortal

Remember when you were little, how you used to love looking through family photo albums?  The lap you would sit on, eagerly asking questions about your ancestry, one faded print at a time?  Sticky pages, with the plastic films dried out and crackling around the edges.  Photos were anticipated, waiting for that roll to be exposed seemed to take ages.  I remember the thrill of opening the fat outer envelope, with the slender folder of pictures inside, the scraps of vellum separating the clips of negatives...the only way you could reprint those precious memories. 

It is so different with digital.  My husband is almost naggy about getting photos printed off the computer.  "We need to get some pictures printed, you know," he scolds.  I know.  There are thousands and thousands on the hard drive, neatly organized by date, thanks to Sony.  All you have to do is click, and memories unfold before your eyes.  I call the kids over the the table.  "Look!  I'm in your belly," Darby chirps.  "Awww, it's baby Gabe!  He's so cute."  Yes, he is. 

It's still not the same as snuggling on the couch, flipping through our history one page and story at a time.  I need to get some pictures printed.

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