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Friday, February 22, 2013

Sip Slowly!

Just wanted to say hello! As I rushed around this morning, getting the kids ready for school drop-off, my tax appointment, and whatever else inevitably crept onto my must-do list...I stopped.

For one brief moment, I let myself take a deep breath and refocused. As soon as my coffee had finished brewing, I poured my "rocket fuel" into the prettiest Vera Bradley mug with matching coaster/warming top ever! One of my dear clients had given it to me for Christmas, and I adore it.

No matter how crazy things are, or how hectic my day becomes, I always try to make something seemingly insignificant turn into a special moment for myself. Even if it turns out I slug my coffee out of a pretty mug!

So, as we moms often find, the kids always come first. But that doesn't mean we should always come last!

Grab a pretty cup and sip slowly, even if it is just one sip in the middle of a morning vortex!

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