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Friday, February 1, 2013

100 Days of Kindergarten

I was asked to be a parent volunteer at my daughter's school to celebrate reaching 100 days in kindergarten. Today was the day, even though we were technically at 99 due to a snow day on Monday!

Since I went to kindergarten in, oh, 1982, things have changed! I went for half a day, ate snack, played dress up, did crafts and, on occasion, peed my royal-blue corduroy pants.  I think we even napped! All that action in three hours.

We did learn letters and listen to stories, but I am positive we didn't do anything like these kiddos until we got to first or second grade! And need I mention we did not have computer lab, either, since computers did not exist then! (Haha, they did, but obvs not for that capacity!) I was sent a list of kid-friendly web sites that my child works with, so we can have continuity at home!

Whatever the case for public, private, testing, consolidation, I'll tell you this: I am the proud mama of a kindergartener. Her world is expanding as fast as her mind, and I am grateful I have the flexibility to be wherever she needs me to be. I will never apologize for working just two to three days a week.

Well, here's to the last 80 days of kindergarten for Darby! Did I mention we register Gabe for his turn in the big K in March? Yeah, remember my ugly cry face? Just saying, I don't think anyone is prepared for that one! Hahaha!

Love your kids no matter what,

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