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Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby is a Baller!

My little Darby-girl just started playing basketball this weekend! At six-years-old, I thought, "Is there any point in having her do this?"

Yes! She's not going to be leading a fast break any time soon, but watching her run and kick (little trouble dribbling!) the ball down the court with that huge smile on her face was worth every moment of being up and dressed on Sleep-in-Saturday!

I didn't have the opportunity to play team sports as a little, not that it would've helped my high school self's uncoordinated limbs play more court than bench, but I think it would have helped me socially for sure. Not to mention being excited about active and fit while having fun!

As it is, our tiny town doesn't have much in the way of extra-curricular activities, so I want to offer everything I can to my kiddos, let them soak in all their options and have the experience to make qualified decisions! (Wow, long, complicated sentence...I like grammatically experimenting! Haha!)

Well, we signed up both of the babes for T-Ball this spring. That should be a raucous good time! Stay tuned for the latest in K-2 half-court action! And may the most spirited win!

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