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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Well Children

Today I took Darby to her 6-year Well Child visit. This was the first time I had to figure out how to get the appointment scheduled with thought to a school schedule, since now my girl is a kindergartener!

Gabe and I picked her up at school just a little before dismissal, and made the trip to our pediatrician's offic, thirty minutes away. I bribed them with donuts. I wasn't sure if Darby had to have any vaccines today, but I knew she was getting her flu shot, so I created a preemptive diversion with Dunkin!

My little girl grew three inches in the past year...she is getting sooo big! Everything else was great, although trying to help her pee in the cup was an adventure, to say the least! And there was the issue when Gabe  was kind of twirling around and biffed his lip into the front counter and started crying and bleeding all over the place, but, meh, at least we were in a medical facility!

Well, we're wrapping up the evening, ready for baths and good nights. But I wanted to quickly mention that we recently had an Amber alert in our area. The little girl was found alive, but not in a good state. Oh my goodness, please hug your kids and love them and keep them as safe as you can! And in those moments when motherhood isn't as easy or pleasant as it can be, just think about how amazingly lucky we are to be mommies to these babies.

Sending you all sweet dreams!

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